Faculty Member Details

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Faculty List

Sr. No Name of Faculty Gender Designation Qualification
1.      Mr. Dharmender Kumar Male Principal Ph.D. & Net Qualified
2.      Dr. Meera Thakur Female Associate Professor Ph.D, M.Phil, NET (Education), M.A. Eng. Qualified
3.      Mrs. Deepa Kumari Female Assistant Professor M.A. Economics & Histary, M.Ed. Qualified
4.      Mrs. Jitendra Sharma Female Assistant Professor M.Sc. Mahthematics, M.Ed. Qualified
5.      Mrs. Poonam Negi Female Assistant Professor M.A. (Hindi), M.Ed. (Education) Qualified
6.      Mrs. Godawari Female Associate Professor M.Ed., M.A. (Political Science) Qualified
7.      Mrs. Snehlata Female Associate Professor M.A. (Sociology Science) Qualified
8.      Miss. Vandna Female Associate Professor M.A. (Hindi), B.Ed. Qualified
9.      Mr. Ajay Kumar Male Associate Professor B.P.Ed. M.P.Ed. Qualified
10.      Mr. Baldev Singh Male Associate Professor B.P.Ed. M.P.Ed. Qualified

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